Virtue Camp Creates Lasting Memories

Athletes need to bond before the season begins. We have a strategic plan to help you accomplish that.

Urban Meyer

I'm a living testimony of someone whose child was impacted by a coach who changed her life and I am forever grateful to this coach. If you've ever been through something like that, it's not a little overwhelming, it's very overwhelming. - Coach Urban Meyer

Inspiring Athletes to Give Back
A Virtue Program for Both Young Men and Young Women

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Our Core Commitments
SportsLeader is a Virtue Program For Coaches
Joe Lombardi

SportsLeader can help you get all of your coaches on the same page. They have a concrete methodology and a systematic plan to help you achieve your goals in an intentional and strategic way. - Joe Lombardi, Offensive Coordinator Detroit Lions.

Charity Is The Most Important Virtue

Charity builds and strengthens team unity, team chemistry, trust and the motivation to sacrifice and put the team above yourself.

At The Heart of Sports

We need to get back to a true understanding of the human person. That we are body and soul. Developing and strengthening the body is not enough. Our intellect and will need to be strengthened if we want to make a lasting impact.

Our Core Virtues

Charity, Humility and Courage

Coaches Have a Tremendous Platform to Change Lives
Dean Hood

Every year I take my Seniors on a trip to do a Virtue Camp with SportsLeader. The guys love it. - Dean Hood, Head Football Coach Eastern Kentucky University


What is Sportsleader?

SportsLeader is a virtue-based mentoring and motivation program for coaches of all ages,

youth through professional.

It is for boys, girls, young men and young women. It is for schools and teams, whether public or private,

who are interested in a structured, intentional and specific method and curriculum to help teach virtue. 

t is flexible, easy to implement and is designed for the coach to integrate into their practice schedule. 

We can customize the program for your needs.


Our Virtue By Email Program will give you the practical and structured tools to provide

all your coaches with a proven methodology that is easy to use. Each email comes with

a virtue, the definition, story, discussion questions, quotes, resolutions, a video clip

and a high resolution image like this one


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within the team where each player gets one-on-one attention every week.

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