Eastern Hancock Team Camp

This week we had another SportsLeader Team Camp. This time with Eastern Hancock High School - a public school east of Indianapolis.

They brought 28 players, 4 coaches and 4 dads plus we had 5 other men observe and help in different capacities.

Toward the end of the camp I asked them to write what they liked best about the camp on an index card. Most of the players mentioned the same elements, which is no surprise. Some mentioned various aspects. Here are some of the stats:

"The competition" - 11 players
"Team bonding" - 10 players
"The Campfire" - 8 players
"The public speaking presentations" - 4 players
"The cold shower" - 3 players
I had never before witnessed such a passion for a cold shower. I guess 93 degree weather helps.
"Dodgeball" - 2 players
"Movie Clips" -1 player

Here are a few complete comments:

"I liked the team bonding and the competition atmosphere. I also liked the opportunity to lead my teammates to victory. It was a humbling and motivating experience." - SS# 12 QB

"I liked how this team camp allowed our team to both work together and compete against each other. I also liked how it brought us closer together not only as a team but as a family." - CN# 44

"I liked the team bonding because it's almost impossible for any team to get the type of bonding that we have without attending a camp like this." - Sam Pfaff # 6

"I liked the fact that our team actually opened up verbally and physically supported each other." - JD #63

"I liked the running, the campfire, the marshmallows and the people." - JTM #86

"I enjoyed it when we had our time to talk in front of the team. Some of the stories were very interesting."
- KC # 8

"I liked the challenges because it brought me and my teammates closer together. It felt like they were working for me and I worked for them. I just really liked the whole thing overall. It brought me closer to these guys."
- JG # 82

"I liked being out here having fun with all my friends." - KP # 3