A Coach, Soup Kitchen and Mass


Below is an email I just received from an Assistant Football Coach at Nazareth Academy in Chicago. Tom is the linebackers coach for the Sophomore team and he is writing it to Mike Cemeno, one of the men who has been key in getting SL off the ground in Chicago.

God bless, Lou

Thanks for leading us through the SL program here at Nazareth Academy. We understand the impact it will make on these young men, but I wanted to share a story about its positive influence on our head soph coach in its early implementation. Part of our work on charity includes work at a local soup kitchen. Last Saturday, this coach decided to attend with his son and nephew who are on the soph team. He was so moved by this experience, he decided to attend Sunday Mass with his son which was the first time in over 10 years. You can imagine the significance this spiritual growth will have on he and his family. He is a great leader on the football field but now I realize that he is a great leader in is home as well. I am blessed to have witnessed this and invite you to share this with others as well. I can't wait to see the impact on the rest of the team once we really get this off the ground.