Head football coach note to staff


Below is a note a head football coach sent to his varsity staff this past Friday morning. He is a 4 time state champion and his team has 4 games under their belt. If things have not gotten off to the start you originally planned ... it is never too late to try again. If I can help in any way please let me know.

God bless, Lou

Good Morning Men,
Wanted to share some of my thoughts with you prior to tonight’s contest. Would rather do this in a meeting, but we all know how time kicks in to warp speed after 3PM around here. Also, I do not want the final numbers on the scoreboard tonight to be viewed as “THE reason” for my present thoughts as far as where we are at with this squad. In other words, whether the ball bounces our way or not we have some work to do that goes beyond x’s and o’s.
Despite my lectures, discussions and one on ones regarding topics such as roles, chemistry, senior leadership, we before me selflessness, countless examples of accountability and responsibility, looking in the mirror, the “we will find out who is in and who is out” message ect.. I / we are not getting through to our team.

This week alone I have told most of you of the talks I have had with kids and or parents. I had to talk to yet another player yesterday after practice and another just this morning as well as another call this morning. I assumed coming into this year senior leadership would be a strength I would not have to worry about. We all know the cliché for assuming. Combine that with the fact that our junior class seems to need lessons on developing leadership. Not a slight on them, just something they need to be taught.

I also think we have way too many small cliques on this team. I understand every team will have some sort of clique system that vary in degree, but the one we currently have is not conducive to a “WE” environment. I actually think it feeds the “me” disease more than anything. So….as I type this, we are faced with many players who are either….not confident in their abilities, have no clue what role they play on this team, do not feel as if they belong, do not feel they receive respect or appreciation from teammates, want more pt…you get the picture.

That staple of unity and brotherhood fostered by strong leadership and love that we have worked so hard to create over the years has managed to escape right under my nose. Maybe it has been like this for sometime but ... Who knows. I do think it’s a waste of time at this moment to think in past terms.

I was already planning on, as you know, implementing the mentoring program with those goal sheets I am collecting. Quite honestly I was going through the motions as far as assigning kids and trying just to get it done and over with.

I am a bit embarrassed that I approved this thing and the lower levels are much further ahead on this than us. Not beating myself up as I do know this summer was different than others for me in terms of being on top of or on schedule with issues I need to deal with.

I would like to sit down with all of us preferably tomorrow to discuss what players we should assign ourselves to. Please bring those goal sheets with you to the meeting.

I want to use this tool to find out where these kids are at and what help they need to understand the lessons we are preaching in this game. If this slows down gameplanning,film, practice, meetings ect… so be it. We keep doing what we are doing at the moment we will just be getting back the same results and attitudes…regardless of wins and losses.
Thank you for your attention. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well.

Other than that! Have a Great Friday Men!!!!
See you in a few!