A Coach Reaches out to former players


Below is a message from a coach to his former players. They may not be playing for you anymore - but they may need you more than ever before.

God bless, Lou

Had some tragic news on Saturday, a former student committed suicide and died. She was a wonderful, beautiful young lady. I don't know the whole story but evidently a boyfriend and a breakup was involved. Much, much, much was obviously involved, there is more to the story, of course. This is about the fourth suicide I have been intimately connected to in the past year. Wow! What is going on??!!

First, let me tell you all, you are very important to me. You guys are special, you have touched my life in a unique, special way, each and every one of you. My life is so much better because of my relationship with you. Never forget that! We've done something for each other, we are both better men because of our bond. Never, ever let anything get into your head that you don't matter, that you are a loser, that you are weak and can't be strong for yourself and others. You matter in the biggest ways. Those are demons telling you those lies. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!

Second, if you are in a relationship with a girl or relationships with girls........STOP AND THINK! Are you taking advantage of the girl? Are you using the girl? Are you mistreating the girl? If you are, you better stop and think. Have a talk with the girl, a serious talk with the girl. What do you want, honestly?? What does she want, seriously? If the relationship is physical, which most relationships are these days, think about what you are doing. You may be in something over your head. You have NO IDEA what is like to really love a woman. Trust me, you don't. Are you really ready for a commitment for better or worse? If not, you better stop and have a talk because, trust me, most girls think and want a real commitment from you. Let's start acting like a man and be honest with the girls.

How would you feel if this girl had been your girlfriend?

Studs think with their brains and their spirit instead of their groins. Let's start acting like studs today!
Love and admiration,
Coach Willertz