Email from former player


I'm sure many of you have similar emails ... Thank you for all you do.

I received this email yesterday. I have been a little tired this week and I think God made this happen to “super-charge” my spiritual batteries.
Why do we coach?
This is why……

Dear, Coach Traeger
I’m very thankful for the opportunities you have given me. The reason why I say that is because I was reading about mentors and it made me think of you. The way you live life is very admirable to me. Everything you taught me in the two year of football has shaped me into the person I am today and it still keeps shaping me everyday. I still have a virtue card with all the virtues to practice. I think it’s about 3 years old. I’m always going to feel like I’m in debt with you because you changed my life completely. I had no ambition or desire to do anything with my life before I started playing football. I wish I had been a better football player and also a better person in those two years. One of the things I regret is being a pre madona. I was young and stupid. Thank you again for listening to my business idea and helping me setup a good business plan. I am planning on starting the clothing company soon but school and work are taking most of my time. Hopefully I can teach other people all that I’ve learnt from you. Listening to your speeches and words of wisdom made me have a different outlook in life. It made me want to be somebody in life and for that, I thank you Coach Traeger. I’ll see you around.
Sincerely; Luis