Missing something important


As I was praying and reading this morning, I came across a page that really smacked me between the eyes. I thought I would share it with you ...

It's not what God is not giving, but what He is giving. In July my family and I were canoeing the Snake River in Teton National Park. We absolutely love that place. It was evening and I was guiding our family and some dear friends down a part of the river most folks don't get to see and rarely canoe at dusk.

I knew we would be alone, at the prime time for wildlife to come down for a drink. Hopes were high of seeing bull moose, elk, and who knows what else. The evening could not have been more beautiful. As we glided along the banks , peering into the wild growth on either side, time slipped away. It could have been the 1800's.

We were utterly alone on the silent river, at twilight, and I knew we were in for a treat. We passed the den of some river otters we'd seen last year. Nobody home. We passed the island where moose are always hanging out. Nope. Just a beaver or two.

Frustrated, I made the group paddle an extra mile through a back channel where I knew the moose had to be. But no.

The sun passed behind Mount Moran and everyone was enjoying a spectacular sunset in the clouds above. But I missed it entirely , because I was so disappointed that we didn't see wildlife.

I was focused on what God was not giving, and missed what He was giving.

Only later, looking at the photos, did I see all that I missed.The sunset was truly stunning. Peaches and violets and reds above the black silhouette of the mountains, all reflected in the river.

I missed it.

Maybe your season has not gone as planned ... maybe you are missing the sunset?
Maybe you are so focused on the win-loss ... maybe you're missing the fact that your players are growing into great men?
Maybe you'll only realize what you missed ... looking back at photos years later ....

Let's look at what God is giving as well.

God bless, Lou