Navy's Backup QB


Below is a testimony and a note from his chaplain. As you can see amazing things are happening in the lives of young athletes due to mentoring.

God bless, Lou

Thy Kingdom Come!
Dear Friends in Christ,
Good morning! Midn. Greg Zingler helped found the LTP program during his middle school and high school years in Annapolis, and he is currently in his final year at the US Naval Academy. He was a star QB at Severna Park High School and is now a back-up QB for Navy’s football team. He leads my Catholic group at Navy, and he is one of the most solid young men of both Faith and character I have known.
God bless,
Fr. Michael Sliney, LC
My faith development over the past several years has given me the foundation I have needed to stay grounded through my high school and college years. Through consistent visits to the confessional and spiritual direction I have been able to catch a glimpse of what humility before the Lord really means. Going to a public high school and being a varsity athlete presented endless opportunities to stray from my faith. Thankfully my two loving parents and spiritual exercises helped me stay close to the Lord and even bring some of my friends closer to Christ. One thing I have always tried to live by is “never underestimate the power of your example.” Whether it is saying your prayers in a McDonalds before you dive into a Big Mac or leading your sports team in an Our Father before each game, someone is always watching and looking to you for your example. Some people use the phrase “you only live once,” to justify their decisions to party their way through high school and college. That is a great motto to live your life by as long as you are living your one life for Christ and His glory. The Lord expects more from those to whom more is given. Do not be surprised if responsibilities and leadership opportunities begin to pile up at your feet. If you are walking faithfully in the Lord’s presence, people will notice and will want you to lead them. The last thing I can advise, is when life seems to be getting out of hand, put all your trials and worries in the hands of the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit. I make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament every morning before class and I offer my day for the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit to intercede. By simply following my Regnum Christi prayer book, I leave all my worries and stress at the feet of the Lord. You will be amazed how at peace you feel after a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. I encourage all us young men to stay close to the Lord through confession, spiritual direction, and adoration. Be blessed!
-Greg Zingler