Player Leadership


Very often we talk about players stepping up and taking ownership of the team - truly being leaders. I would like to recognize two such players.

TJ Cooper (left in the photo) and Dre Banta. TJ is a Senior RB, and one of the best in the state of KY I might add, and Dre is a Junior QB. Both of them are fine young men. Their head coach Steve Frommeyer sent me the following:

This team has improved as much as anytime I think I’ve coached. Player leadership has been the key. TJ and Dre emerging as leaders from your leadership camp with us has been the difference.
This week the teachers unanimously selected TJ and Dre as school-wide students of the month for their efforts and leadership in the classroom!
Take care! Steve

On a related note, Steve is being honored this Friday. He was a Graduate Assistant Coach of the 1979 national championship team at Eastern Kentucky University. He is being inducted into the EKU Hall of Fame. Congrats Steve.

God bless, Lou