St. Columban Bobcat Football

Well, our little parish couldn’t pull off the upset over the stacked OLSH team to advance to the City Championship game. Our kids played valiantly though and walked away with their heads held high. We lost 34-14 but the score wasn’t any indication of how close of a game it was. We were stopped on a fourth and goal from the two in the third quarter and they intercepted two of our passed inside the 15 yard line in the second half. We are the only team this year to score twice on them. This OLSH team compiled kids from seven different parishes and beat us 40-0 earlier in the year. I’m happy to say that every one of my players contributed and got on the field to play both offense and defense.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement you provided all season long. SportsLeader is a tremendous program that really makes a difference. I look forward to expanding our use of it with our team, and hopefully program, next season. The SportsLeader program has been a real blessing and inspiration to me. I’m grateful for all that you have done with the program to make it available to organizations like St.Columban.