3000 - Wrestling and Leadership


Right before Christmas, Chris Willertz, the head wrestling coach at Winton Woods High School, offered a great leadership opportunity to his wrestlers. It has become a tradition with his program and it is voluntary.

It consists of 3 days, 1,000 reps each day - hence the title 3,000.

The reps are of a whole different slew of exercises ranging from running, wrestling take downs, spins, slams, lifts ... you get the picture. 25 young men completed the arduous journey and will be rewarded with a special Under Armour shirt.

Along the course of the ordeal, Chris constantly spoke of manhood, willpower, virtue, going above and beyond, embracing the sacrifice ... he painted everyone's face with war paint, they are the Warriors, (he painted mine too - that was a first) ...

3 wrestlers were awarded the Virtue=Strength shirt for their testimony and extreme effort.

It is amazing to see Chris building this program at his high school with virtually no money, no support - no anything.

We currently have 21 short videos posted on YouTube by now.

Here below are 3 video links for 3000 (all are around 2 minutes)

3000 Part 1

3000 Part 2 - Final Talk - 1st part

3000 Part 3 - Final Talk - 2nd part