SportsLeader and Moeller Wrestling


Another awesome event. Archbishop Moeller High School's wrestling team hosted a Father - Senior Son singlet night, with an interesting twist.

The event was a complete surprise for the 8 Seniors. They also had no idea that their head coach, Jeff Gaier, had a new personalized wrestling singlet for each of them - that was designed by one of the Seniors - but they had thought that it was all forgotten ...

They had their normal practice Friday night from 3-5. After practice each coach is invited to give some remarks. One coach mentioned how proud he was of Jake Corrill, a Senior wrestler. That the previous night after the wrestling dual meet, he was picking up trash and cleaning the gym ... it was an away meet. An interesting point to note is that Jake, and his teammate Pierce Harger, were featured on the cover of ESPN's Rise magazine ... humility and service.

Coach Gaier told the Seniors to not go howe, to be in the locker room at 6. The Dads all arrived to the school and went to a classroom to avoid being seen. We chatted with the Dads a bit about affirming their sons ...

At 6 we walked into the locker room. Coach said some words and invited all the Dads to come in ... the guys were pretty intrigued by this point ... The coaches affirmed the players and then each one of the Dads told their sons how proud they were of them, that they loved them ... and pulled the surprise singlet out. I've never seen wrestlers so excited to see a singlet before (smile).

God bless, Lou

(From Assistant Coach and Moeller House System Director)
Lou, i was very pleased with Friday night. Personally, it was a highlight of my season. I think it really helped 1 struggling wrestler of ours as well.