Father-Daughter / Dean Hood Video - How to treat a woman

A friend of mine, Coach Ed Jamieson, recommended a book to me a while back - "The Difference a Father Makes" by Ed Tandy McGlasson. It's pocket-sized and only 122 pages.

There is a part that inspired me to write being that today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She turns 5. We're not old enough for the below father-daughter activity yet but maybe you are. Maybe this seems a bit "over the top" for you, maybe not. I think the general idea is excellent: Create a memorable moment to bond with your daughter.

"I took my daughter to an Italian restaurant and bought her a promise ring with little diamonds embedded in the band ... This outing wasn't completely awkward because my daughters and I were already in the habit of going out on little dates ... During my dinner with Jessica, I spent the first portion of our time telling her all the things that I liked about her. As I talked her eyes were welling up with tears ... 

I bent down low, leaned in close to her and said Jessica, I am giving you this ring today. Are you willing to make a covenant before the Lord tonight, that on your wedding night you will be prepared to present this ring to your husband and say to him, "This ring represents a covenant I made with my Dad that I would save myself for marriage. I have done so."

Jessica will you wear this ring? As I slipped the ring on her finger I told her that she is no longer a little girl. She is now a woman ... As I reflect on my daughter's life since that moment, the growth in her life has been remarkable ..."

Here is a link to a 1 minute video with Eastern Kentucky University Head Football Coach Dean Hood talking about the importance of coaches modeling how to treat a woman ...