SportsLeader California

Coaches, I am honored to introduce you to our first team in California. It is awesome seeing this grow around the country and the world. Here is a note from their head coach and some photos. Luis is an amazing example - he is just getting started and is already promoting it to others as much as he can. Thanks, Luis!  

I wanted to let you know that our talks are going good. I must admit that I thought the kids would be able to get the concepts easily but I'm finding that I'm constantly reminding them of the concept of a complete man and our core virtues. I suppose this is normal for 7 to 8 year old boys. So I will continue with the Sports Leader program throughout the season just as planned.  

One thing I have to work on more, which I noticed this past weekend while at the Opening Day, was that I need to remind my coaches to also be attentive to opportunities to teach the Sports Leader program because it is difficult for me alone to keep an eye on everyone and everything.  

Jersey night was a great success, parents really enjoyed doing it. I had a few moms that attended on behalf of their husbands do to work reasons. I was the first to give the jersey to my son Johan and then my coaches followed. 
It was amazing to see the sentiment in the boys faces as they were each receiving their jerseys. At the end of the short ceremony a few parents came up to me and with almost tears in their eyes to thank me for the opportunity. 
I was very proud of having the parents step-up to the plate and give their sons an encouraging talk and their love. I'm attaching several pictures so that you can meet the team. God bless! Coach Luis