Football Gear for American Samoa

Remember that 60 Minutes show on American Samoa? If not click on the link to watch a short video

Kennedy High School Offensive Coordinator Jeff Seiler saw the 60 Minutes show on American Samoa and football. He was "inspired". He called American Samoa, got a hold of the right people, and as we speak, we have rallied several of our SportsLeader type coaches out here in Oregon and are putting together a shipment of surplus football gear to send to them FREE. I thought there would be hundreds of people contacting them to help, but the gal that Jeff talked to said there were only a few responses. Wow! One of a few responses, from little ole Mt. Angel, Oregon population 3,200 ???? You have got to be kidding me. Praise God!
Coach Traeger  

We are sending: 
(40) Helmets 
(50) Shoulder Pads 
(60) Girdle Pad sets 
(110) Game Jerseys 
(150) Practice Jerseys 
(75) Pants (50) Misc Pads ... Assorted knee braces, collars, belts,chin straps, etc.  

We had Four other teams contribute with us. 

Coach John Beck at Crater High School, Central Point, OR 
Coach Steve Turner at Mountain View High School, Bend, OR 
Coach Tony Smith at St. Paul High School, St. Paul, OR 
Coach Bill Smith at Century High School, Hillsboro, OR  

These of course are used, but a new helmet costs $140.00, new shoulder pads $150.00, a girdle $24.00, a game jersey $39.00, practice jerseys $20.00, pants $27.00, assorted pads $15.00 each. helmets - $5,600 shoulder pads - $7,500 assorted pads - $1,650 game jerseys - $4,290 practice jerseys - $3,000 pants - $2,025  

Total - $24,065 if bought new. Let's say everything was half-off - still that is $12,032 worth of stuff