Priorities - A $60 million HS football stadium?

The past few days we have talked about priorities. This particular school district is an example of losing sight of what education and sports are really about.

Texas school set to begin work on $60M stadium
Dallas Jackson, Rivals High Senior Analyst

Just in case you forgot how important high school football is in Texas, the residents of Allen will soon have a $59.6 million stadium that will leave no doubt.

Next month in the booming north Dallas suburb, ground will be broken on a state-of-the-art, 18,000-seat facility that will feature two decks, a video scoreboard, four concession stands and 12 restrooms. It is scheduled to open in the fall of 2012.


I'm not a building contractor but I'm pretty sure you can build an extremely high class football stadium for less than $30 million dollars. If they need to build a new stadium by all means go for it ... but think about what you could do with an "extra $30 million."

2 examples:

* University of Louisville Papa John's Stadium, capacity 42,000 cost $63 million ...

* The $33 million Dallas Independent School District complex serves 12 high schools in south Dallas and encompasses a 12,000-seat stadium, a 7,500-seat fieldhouse, and shared parking. While it has a high-tech scoreboard, press box, and the newest FieldTurf, it also consolidates support functions such as locker rooms and training facilities.

Maybe we can use this "example" to examine our own priorities with the use of our money. For example, maybe our team needs new jerseys and we budgeted $150 per jersey ... well maybe we can get very quality, very classy jerseys for $80 a piece ... we can save some $ and spend that on something else.

Maybe spend it on something that will help build up the souls of our players!