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Most coaches have strength and conditioning programs in the off-season to help their players grow bigger, faster and stronger. We do as well. But how about doing something to also build up their souls?

We have a small core group, intentionally so for start-up purposes, in order that this “founding group” will have taken a full possession of the definition, mission and direction so that incoming “recruits” will feel an established integrity and energy of his peers at his first meeting.

Name: The Sword and Thunder. Derived from Saint Peter’s sword, a symbol of humility and boldness. “Thunder” comes from James and John, the “Sons of Thunder”, our Lord gave them that nickname for their feistiness, energy, and passion.


The mission of real men is to challenge and empower other men, with the cooperation of God’s grace, to a resolve to action in their lives. Operating under the premise of Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”, the Sword and Thunder is a brotherhood based group for young men that will facilitate personal growth and formation in the area of “masculinity” and beyond. It encourages leadership and boldness in strengthening the Catholic Church and taking initiatives in specific actions regarding current worldly and moral issues that are a challenge to the church herself today. 

WHEN: We meet every Tuesday evening at 6 pm, starting with a pizza. The in-season athletes will be with their teams until then. The timeframe is a 60-90 minute meeting

5 minutes – opening prayer from “The Wartime Prayer book”, Bishop Fulton Sheen.this weeks prayer will be chosen by Francis.
15 minutes – Bible reading and reflection- each week a verse pertaining to boldness in  action, accepted by Sean this week.
10 - minutes – presentation of a Saint expressing “resolve to action” – Keenan
15 – present and discuss current local, national and world issues that are a challenge to the church – Group.
20 – personal witness – “my story” and reflection by group – Angelo
20 – “Resolve to Action” – a specific activity will be laid down. e.g, meet as a group at the abortion clinic, invite all local youths to 9 a.m. mass and pancake breakfast, begin a petition against local porn shop, etc.
5 – Closing prayer – Lord’s prayer, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be…

At times the “Issues” and “Witness” segments will be offered to a guest speaker ( e.g a priest, father of a member, a local athlete).

Our Symbol: The young men have developed a symbol that involves Saint Peter’s sword, and Thunder (lightning bolt). This will go on a T-shirt.

Group leaders: we keep it simple, Angelo is the “facilitator”, keeping the meeting on task and moving. Keenan is our notes/journal writer.

Group Pledge – to be determined over next meetings.

Group scope – There are no boundaries, fathers will be encouraged once the founders are more formed.

Direction – the group evolves in the accordance to the direction of the Holy Spirit