The Twin H Virtues

By Fritz Knapp
Lacrosse Coach and Author
I can honestly say that of all the virtues, “honesty” is at the same time my favorite and the one on which I have to pray and work the hardest. Part of the problem is we live in an age of brutal honesty, where it’s in vogue for someone to tell another exactly what’s on their mind. Actually, many would consider brutal honesty the virtue, and merely being truthful without the harangue and drama merely artificial meekness. So the dilemma for me is how to be truly transparent without thinking of those who may be brutally honest making a mockery of simple truth. Honesty is a virtue that self-consciousness can and should not dictate.
The athletic arena is full of tell-it-like-it-is pundits, coaches and players. The trick is to tune them out, and practice simplicity of truth in action. Let your actions speak for themselves, and live graciously, accepting of others’ weaknesses.
Honesty is learning to apologize when we have been the brutally honest, and moving on without closing ourselves off to the greater community. Honesty is assessing your shortcomings without beating yourself up over them. It’s sharing your gifts with others without needing to boast. Honesty is a stillness in your heart that need not be disturbed by the affairs of the world, sports or otherwise. I’m still learning.

Honesty and Humility: The twin “H” virtues can’t do without each other. Truth loves company.