Virtue Camp Testimony

The Xenia virtue camp was a wonderful confirmation of what SportsLeader is striving to do. Here is the testimony of their head coach:

     As a 23 year veteran coach,  I have personally witnessed the change in our parenting culture and seen the effects it has had on our young men.  Our young men are getting less parenting than any time in my career.  I have looked for ways to add virtue teachings that I am sure that the kids are not getting. 

     In our program,  we teach a class on leadership every thursday evening from January through June.  We have character lessons on Thursdays during the season at the churches where our kids are fed.   I can honestly say that what we did with our players this past weekend was as impactful as all of the other stuff we do combined.  Our kids were taught virtues by experiences as they happened. 

     Our kids were exposed to a whole new world in so many ways.  They were challenged physically,  emotionally,  spritually, and they were fed the whole time the pure,  the powerful and the positive.  The experience will never leave those kids and virtue camp will not leave our program.  I intend to make this a yearly pilgrimage for our players. 

     Watching our players describe the experience to the rest of the players in our weight room this morning was awesome.  Our players used the public speaking skills they learned and practiced at camp.  One player stated that, "You guys will never understand what it is like until you earn the right to go".  I challenge coaches to hear what he is saying.  Bob

Bob DeLong
Head Football Coach
Xenia High School