Virtue Camp with Eastern Hancock

Last week we hosted our first team virtue camp of the summer - Eastern Hancock HS Football. They are a 1A high school from Indiana and they returned from having had their first experience of Virtue Camp last year.

Virtue Camp is a mixture of team building, physical challenge, mental challenge, bonfire and goal setting with some good ole fashioned fun. I think every team at every level should do this. It is an experience your players and coaches will never forget.

EH brought 32 players, 6 coaches and 4 Dads - many of the coaches and dads are former EH players.

What we did different this year was they brought 9 leaders early, 7 seniors and 2 juniors, so they could be more involved in making this virtue camp their own. It was outstanding. What impressive young men!

Another interesting element to their camp was they brought 3 new graduate assistant coaches. The transformation these men went through was inspiring and you could tell that the current players were hanging on their every word whenever they addressed the team.

Here is a video of them answering one of the questions about perseverance.

Do you have former players involved in your program? You should.

If you would like more info on virtue camp - let me know