Thirsty for Guidance

Last Friday I was blessed to be with the Eminence High School football team. They are one of the smallest schools in the state of KY that fields a football team. They have 25 players Freshmen-Senior and what an amazing group of young men they are.

Most of them have experienced a great deal of adversity in their lives. 85% of the team either lives with no parents, 1 parent, has a parent in jail ... etc. One might think that this would be an extremely difficult group to work with. NOT SO.

They were all THIRSTY for virtue, character and guidance. You could see in their eyes that they knew that this was for real and they wanted it.

Their head coach, Steve Frommeyer, is a big reason why. He has been at Eminence for 27 years. On 3 different occasions he had opportunities to join the coaching staff at Division Colleges such as North Carolina, Tennessee ... He chose to stay. "I love working with high school students. That is my passion."

He could have had more money, more championships, more ... "everything" from a certain point of view ... He was and is not interested. When he says he is in it for the kids - he truly means it. 

I was honored to sit back and listen whenever he addressed his players. I felt like an apprentice trying to soak it all in from the wise sage. 

Thank you to all you coaches out there giving so much of yourselves to help our young people. I at least really appreciate it.

From L-R: Coaches Larry Montgomery, Steve Frommeyer and Marcus Henderson.