Lasting Memories

Back in June the Covington Catholic Colonels football team went camping with Sports Leader.  Our young men had the opportunity to grow individually and collectively in their faith.  From the moment we stepped off the bus and climbed the rocky road to base camp, our team met challenge after challenge head on.  Lou Judd created 24 hours of lasting memories for our football program and gave our kids a lifetime of virtue based skills.
As a veteran teacher and coach in Catholic high schools, I have been blessed to attend many retreats.  This event was special because it spoke so sincerely and directly to our student-athletes.  It was a series of physical, spiritual, and reflective activities that brought out the best in our team.  The virtues of Fortitude, Perseverance, and Courage were ever present. I was privileged to share this experience with our team and would encourage other coaches to take advantage of this outstanding program as well. 
God Bless,
Todd Naumann