Letting His Dad Win

God gave me some great opportunities to witness his purposes in action while I was on vacation. It was inspiring to see so many Dads playing with their kids ... 

I was swimming in the pool one day with my wife and kids. Right by the pool was a ping-pong table with a father and son playing ...

The son was about 16, tall, very muscular ... the Dad "much older", looked much weaker, had some leg issues etc.

The son was obviously letting his father win but what was moving was the expression this young man had on his face. I really wish I could have filmed this. He was basking, delighting in his father having a good time, just being with his Dad was "winning enough" for him.

On another occasion, there was a grandfather, Dad, older son and younger son shooting hoops. All 4 of them were really blessed with athletic talent. The same inspiration came to me as I watched them enjoying being with one another ... the kids showing respect to their grandfather ... it was beautiful.

Let's encourage our players to grow in their relationships with their Dads.