A Spotter for Resolve and Accountability

Coaches sharing great ideas of what is working with their teams is one of the best things about SportsLeader. Here is another way to integrate accountability into your team.

I have added a new component to our “Virtue program”, a simple but powerfully integrated “man builder” that involves a few simple components that saves our athletes’ spiritual, social, academic and family lives.
Based on the premise that we are as good as our “spotter” or partner in the weight room, as he or she will provide a great deal of enthusiasm, support and motivation to us, and likewise us to them we have started “spiritual spotters”.
Each player has matched himself with a ‘spotter’ for spiritual resolve and accountability. Its simple, if you were my spotter, I might say to you tomorrow after practice, “ hey, lets do Three Hail Mary’s tonight at 7 pm where ever we happen to be”, then simply text each other at 7:15 and say “how did it go?” “Did you do it?”
Chances are somebody will do it at that moment and there will be three more Hail Mary’s said that day than the day before. Of course we can be spotters for many other good reasons as well, like curfews, satisfying mentoring resolutions etc.
How about we all pray right now? Let’s just say a quick prayer of “thanks” to our Lord. No need to text me, I just did it, I promise. See how easy it is?
This, our fourth season of Virtue and Football, is providing so many exciting changes in our immediate football culture. All drama and mushiness aside, we have become men.
Our job is to get these young athletes to find themselves, in spite of us. We are to lead them to their greatness. We need to be humble to do that. You will be great then. They will imitate you, become humble like you, great like you, and then serve others. 
Like you.
Now that’s change.

By Dan Duddy
Head Football Coach
Monsignor Donovan High School
Toms River, NJ