Pre-Game Email

A pre-game email from Coach Randy Traeger to all coaches at all levels in his program, all high school teachers and administrators, all coaches that we are working with directly at other schools, school administrators, and several business leaders.

I have not heard from him yet but at least the scoreboard showed some love. They won 59-25.

Do you communicate like this?



Good luck tonight. With this weeks virtue as "LOVE", can we focus on loving our players more tonight? How?

1. Check in and talk with more players before and after the game. Especially the bench warmers.
2. A player is going to make you mad with some self centered act tonight. Forgive them.
3. At some point tonight your patience will be tried. Take a deep breath and let it go.
4. Make some reserve players' night. They would like some playing time. What bothers them is being invisible. Put them in the game. Put a smile on their face.
5. Personally thank managers and players who help out behind the scenes. Acknowledge them.
6. Take some award stickers onto the sideline with you and issue some instant "battlefield commissions" tonight for heroic or virtuous play. Do it right there. Instant gratification.
7. In addition to points on the scoreboard tonight, why dont you work for some "soul points" as well. Give some love, then look in their eyes and see that light shine.

Lets spread a little love tonight.

Why not ?