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Here is a great example of "someone is always watching." The classy and virtuous behavior of a coach inspired a man to write this note to a youth football organization president ...

I thought I'd take a second and let you know about an incident at a game this past weekend that I thought showed a coach, Trent Todd, demonstrating great restraint.

It was 8-0. A Stallions player caught a pass and dove for the end zone extending the ball for what was signalled by the Line Judge as a TD. However, the Head Linesman over ruled the call and spotted the ball on the one yard line (I did see this). The referee signaled first down and the chains were moved. 

Trent requested an explanation from the officials and received one. At no time was he disrespectful towads the game authority. Meanwhile, various fans on the sideline were making their displeasure known in no uncertain terms. When the conference was over, Trent addresses the fans on the sideline and basically told them in a polite way to leave the refs alone.

I was amazed at the calmness and professional demeanor exhibited by Trent at all times. While disagreeing with the call and the way the officials communicated things, his behaviour was beyond reproach. It would have been very easy for a seasons worth of frustration to come boiling to the surface and let the game officials know exactly how he felt in a loud voice easily heard on the sidelines. 

In 17 years of officiating, I have never witnessed a coach exhibit such class and composure on the sidelines. Trent Todd is a great credit to the team, the organization, and his faith. In the face of adversity, he acted with the greatest of dignity.

In my mind, there has never been a greater coach of young men then Trent Todd.

-Bob Oswald