Sportsleader Character Award


Please consider giving virtue award(s) at the end of your season. It shows all your parents and players that you truly value the intangibles of character and not just the on-field prowess ... Note the comments below from the parents.

Cincinnati Sycamore 7th grade football coach Jim DeJoy gave out the Sportsleader Character Award to a young man who practices everything we want in a young man and athlete, respect, humility, courage, and charity.  

Here is a note from Coach Jim DeJoy about this young man:

This was Nick's first year of playing organized football.  His parents were hesitant about him playing because two years ago Nick suffered a major head injury while playing basketball.  He was hospitalized for some time and missed many days of school that year.

With this being NIck's first season of football he dove right into the sport.  He asked the coaches questions and if he wasn't in the huddle NIck was near by listening to the play called and watching his position.  His father, who is a teacher and coach, made posters charting our offensive plays in order to help Nick pick up our system more quickly.

While all of this is going on I am hearing back from teachers saying how Nick is one of the most polite, hard working students they've ever had in class.  I can say this too as he is a student in my physical education class.  The virtues of respect, humility, charity, and courage come to mind when I think of Nick.  He is such an awesome person and he represents all that is right in this world.  Nick has touched mine and many other lives and I am very proud that I had the opportunity to coach him!

Here is a note from Nick's parents:


Cindy and I would like to thank you for taking the time to work with Nick.  Football was a real challenge for him both physically and mentally.  He really had to face his fears this season, because it was a new sport and the most physically demanding sport he had ever played.   We weren't sure he was going to be able to handle it, but with your help, he reached his goal of completing the season.

Jim, you have been an important factor in Nick's successful start at the junior high and as he heads into another challenge (basketball tryouts) you come to mind again.  Nick is a tenacious defender and will do whatever a coach asks of him, but I think the fact that a looming cut could be on the horizon, has caused him to question whether or not he wants to take the chance.  Yes being cut is possible, but I still want him to give his all.  The intangibles that Nick possesses, such as character and effort, don't often get recognized in a try-out with 40 or 50 kids, and my fear is he will be completely overlooked.  If you could find a way to give a few words of encouragement Monday, it would be greatly appreciated.  Coming from you will have a bigger impact than coming from me.

Thanks for all you do,

Tom and Cindy