Witnessing Greatness

I was blessed to witness an extraordinary event last night. The Lloyd Memorial Basketball team father/son jersey night. I have been to numerous events like this but each one is unique.

Last night I was able to watch a father tell his son that he loved him for the very first time. It was moving. The man could barely speak. He tried to express that he grew up in a family that "taught" him that men don't "say any of these things ... that emotion is weakness ... that you just go about your business"

At this point, I had never seen this before, his son began openly weeping. The father continued explaining but then could no longer go on ... he tried to compose himself but then just said it, "I love you Son."

His son immediately hugged him for what seemed like 5 minutes ... You could tell that the young man had been waiting and hoping to hear this from his Dad his whole life.

The next gentleman to go was standing in for a young man who does not have a father in his life. The player had called him and invited him to "represent" him. This man's words were extraordinary. To sum it up - "Coach Key, I thank God for you. I thank God for this event this evening. In my 25 years of being around the sport of basketball as a player, coach and ref ... this is by far the most important and the most special. I've never been a part of anything like this. Thank you for doing this for our boys. Basketball is much, much more than putting a round ball through a tiny hoop. Now tonight ... this is basketball."

Coaches, I know some of you have been nervous to do this event. It does not cost money and it gives a priceless memory your players will never forget.

I encourage you to give it a try.