Mentoring May Change YOUR Life

Part 2 in a series of multiple video messages:

A coach and a great friend of mine, Trent Todd, has been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

In short, Trent needs a miracle and/or a double lung transplant ...


From: Steve Frommeyer – Eminence High School Football Coach and principal
In Tony Dungy’s first book, he quoted Chuck Noll of the 4 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers stating, “Football is not our life’s work”. 
To most, that seems like an odd statement coming from a full-time professional football coach. However, it actually is totally correct if we have the game in proper perspective. 
Our players can live happy, fulfilled lives even if they do not ever totally master the “3” technique, run a post pattern correctly, or pass block to mastery. 
Sports and learning all the skills are a great, fun tool to teach young people the more important life skills of hard work, dedication, commitment, teamwork, etc. 
In reality, being so focused on the techniques and success and forgetting the bigger picture’s virtues that are able to be developed, is missing the whole point. 
In life, humility and self-sacrifice will serve them much better than the ability to execute zone and man coverages!