Drew Brees - Leadership - Actively Resolve

What does it mean to lead?

During our virtue camps this spring and summer we have been trying to help our coaches and players really understand that.

We are playing off the acronym LEAD:
Love Others
Encourage Others
Actively Resolve
Deny Yourself

Drew Brees is a perfect example of all 4 ...

Thanks, Drew, for your excellent example!
Leadership.  It’s often the difference going from good to great.  It’s what college coaches are hoping to get out of their players during voluntary summer workouts when the coaches are not around.

It’s the essence of Drew Brees.

With the lockout ongoing and teams not allowed at their practice facilities, Brees has seized the opportunity to be a leader once again.
Starting today, the Saints surprised many by conducting an organized team workout at Tulane’s practice facility with 37 players participating.  Brees, the unquestioned leader of the Saints, setup the practice that was attended by numerous veteran players.  It's the first of many workouts at Tulane, says Brees.

And who is paying for all this? Drew Brees.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Brees will pay as much as five figures for Tulane staff to help out with the practices, insurance and lodging for younger players. He also flew in his personal trainer to oversee the conditioning program.

Asked what he’s trying to accomplish with these workouts, Brees said, “Honestly, it’s to prepare us to have a championship season.  That’s obviously our ultimate goal.  I feel like the more organized you can be as a team and the more you can communicate during this time, in May, June, July prior to a normal training…the better off you will be once the season does come around.”

“None of us know how long this (lockout) is going to last. This gives us the best position to be successful once the season does start.”

Brees added, “It helps being a veteran team, but also having young guys that are strong character guys and willing to follow the leaders on this team and when you have veteran guys showing up like Sharper, Vilma, Stinchcomb, and countless others, Heath Evans, David Thomas, then others can say ‘These guys are doing the right thing.  These guys know how to be a pro and you know what, I want to be there because I want to show them I can be counted on, too.’”

And that, my friends, is leadership!