Leadership Day

I had a very interesting experience yesterday. I was invited to Lloyd Memorial High School by one of the coaches in our SportsLeader Association to be a part of their first ever Leadership Day.

They invited 10 speakers: One for opening assembly, one for closing assembly and 8 others who would have 8 - 20 minute segments throughout the day.

They selected 175 students who participate in sports, band and any other extra-currciculars. They were divided into 8 groups boys and girls, Frosh-Juniors.

I had never really done something exactly like this before so I was excited to be a part of it.

First off, I highly recommend that you do this at your school. I would suggest doing it at the beginning of the school year and then repeating it at the end.

Things I learned. I don't think these "things" are particular to this high school but of our culture in general. It was a confirmation for me personally how necessary SportsLeader is.

I asked the students to raise their hands to a number of different questions. They were very honest. Here were the 2 most striking:

-90% have intentionally said something extremely mean to another student

-10% have apologized for doing so

Charity is one of our core virtues. On our commitment card it states:

CHARITY - I will only think and say positive things about others, especially teammates and coaches.

Let's not forget that we need to repeat and repeat and repeat ... and that mentoring will help!