NFL Draft - Behind the Scenes

I was able to witness this one as well - well witness it happening on NFL Network that is. I have been blessed to get to know both coach Frommeyer and Ed quite well. It's the little things ...
To: Sportsleader
From: Steve Frommeyer, principal & head football coach, Eminence H.S.

Recently, one of our former players, Ed Berry (a walk-on wide receiver at the University of Kentucky), was invited by Randall Cobb, an all SEC player, to attend the NFL Draft with him at Radio City Music Hall in NY. 

Ed and Randall became great friends and in fact Ed would bring Randall home quite frequently. They spoke to our school, he brought him to Church ...

When it came time for the NFL draft Randall was invited to attend in person and he in turn invited Ed to accompany him.

Randall was drafted in the second round to Green Bay and his Friend Ed was there to congratulate him and support him in beginning his next big career step. 

Watching the two excited friends in the green room after the announcement was made, called to mind how much life is really a lot more about relationships than it is about accomplishments. 

Even though it was Randall, not Ed, that was being drafted, I assure you that Ed was just as excited and proud for Randall as if it had been Ed himself that was drafted. 

For both, there had been many tough times (Good Fridays) leading up to this Easter Sunday type moment. However, both young men understood that both a personal relationship with their Savior and their family & friends is what really is the biggest accomplishment of all!