The Importance of Virtue Camp

This past weekend I was blessed to be a part of another virtue camp. It was with the Xenia (Ohio) HS football seniors.

What was unique about this particular camp was that one of the players is about to become a father. At every camp we tell the boys that what we are going to talk about is a lot more than just what is needed for the season ... but to help you become a better husband and a better father for the future.

As soon as I said that, the camp took on a whole new meaning - that it was for real, that it was important NOW.

The young man in question was inspiring. His circumstances are challenging no doubt but he was just as excited, just as scared, just as hopeful, just as involved ... as any other man would be expecting his first child. He is having a son and you can tell that he already loves him with all his heart.

The coaches, players and Dads present were all extremely supportive of him. This is no small comment.

It reminded me of asking many different young men over the years once their season is finished - "What are the 3 best memories from this past season?"

Almost 100% of the time the young men respond in the same fashion:
1. Father-Son Jersey Night
2. Virtue Camp
3. A particular win

So often sports are about so much more than just the games. The best sports moments are about much more than that. 

Even the big wins, the great come-from-behind victories ... They are so special because of the love and the camaraderie that you have built up as a team.

Virtue Camp is an enormous part of that camaraderie.

So if you don't do something currently similar to a virtue camp, I encourage you to give it a try.

It could be one of the most memorable experiences for you as well.