What Players Want From Their Parents

The relationship between players and parents can be a major issue at times for coaches.

Coach Mike Bickerman of Rushville Industry High School in Illinois handed out a surgery for his players to answer.

"I had a meeting to finalize summer stuff with the kids. I gave them an informal survey which said what do you expect from yourself (3 spaces), your teammates (3 spaces), and your parents/family (3 spaces). Of the 106 possible answers I got for the 3 blanks under parents and family, 36 (or 34%) had something to do with the word "support". I think possibly our kids don't feel supported....or maybe they do feel supported and crave more of it. It just jumps off of the pages."

I went through the list as well. 

If you include the words: support, games, help, encourage, back me up ... well over 70% have to do basically with the concept of supporting them.


Have you planned out when you're going to do you personal questionnaire and fun activity?