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Running Buddy/Mentor Program

Two of our first Cross Country coaches in our association, Dave Quinn and Dave Wolbert of Flint Michigan Powers Catholic are installing a great tradition this year. I encourage you to consider this for your program.

They will be assigning a running buddy to all new runners, incoming Freshman, as well as, upperclassmen new to the sport of Cross Country. 

The goal is to provide yet another form of support for the new runners. A seasoned runner will be paired with a new runner. 

The seasoned runner can answer any questions or concerns, occasionally run with the new runner, and "show them the ropes" of the sport of distance running. We expect that this additional form of communication will enhance our programs ability to train and prepare new athletes.

Buddies will form a special relationship, that will touch base on a daily basis. This not only helps facilitate the learning of the sport for the new runner, but enables the development of leadership experiences for the seasoned runner. 

We are excited to add this program to our Powers Catholic running traditions. Running buddies will be set up in the first few weeks of summer conditioning.