We Need Meaningful Experiences

On my way to a training with the Lebanon, IN HS football team I heard the above song that I found inspiring: The Breath You Take by George Strait.

I would like to encourage you to share what you are doing with your players this summer. Coach Chris Willertz gives us an example here below.


I wanted to give a "Shout Out" to Chuck and Trish Brooks, Dave Getter and Family (son, Thomas and daughter, Victoria) and Bill and Barb Liedhegner for giving our Warrior wrestlers work this spring and summer. 

In referring to "Poverty: Opposing Viewpoints", children in poverty experience their parents not working much, as little as 16 hours a week.  They are not given example of consistent hard work and effort.  I am not claiming that our kids are the only poor kids necessarily.  

In fact, I would argue ALL kids are poor in some way....poor in spirit, poor in experiences, poor financially, poor in virtue....poor meaning "lacking".  

All young people need meaningful experiences regardless of socio-economic distinction.  So all young people need to work!  The above Warriors filled the gap and helped our boys out by providing VALUABLE work experience.

Thanks!  You are making a difference for our boys!  Medals that are won, championships that are earned, scholarships that are awarded, distinctions that are won......are all partially YOURS! Thanks to all for contributing to our Boys to Men program at Winton Woods.....we can't do it without you!

Coach Willertz
Winton Woods Wrestling: Faith, Focus and Fight!