If Only

Yesterday I had an impacting experience. It was my daughter Zoe's 3rd birthday. I try to go to Mass with my kids on their birthday. So off we went yesterday Zoe sporting her pink overalls and pigtails. 

We arrive to Mass and come to find out that it is a funeral Mass. During the homily we learned that the deceased was a 28 year old young man who died due to drugs.

The theme of the homily could be summed up in 2 words: "If Only".

The priest's words were respectful yet straight to the point. 

The longer I listened the closer I was scooting Zoe to me praying that I would never be in a funeral like that again.

I also thought of all the athletes involved in SportsLeader teams all over the world ... If Only ...

Let's do everything in our power to shine the light of love and virtue as we coach these young people entrusted to our care so none of us feel guilty ...

So none of us years later say ... If Only!

Virtue = Strength, Lou