Make Planning a Priority

This year I have been blessed to get to know a coach who does an amazing job of planning and blending in virtues and coaching - Dave Quinn, Girls Cross Country at Powers Catholic High School in Flint, Michigan.

Here below was his plan for their recent pre-season camp. They have so many girls coming out for the team because Dave and his staff do such a great job of building a family - creating an atmosphere that you want to be a part of, that you want to belong to ...

Dave is just as busy as the rest of us but he makes it a priority. Thanks Dave!
I write this letter to you on the eve of the start of the 2011 Powers Cross Country Camp. As of now, we have 41 girls on the 2011 team.  This is almost twice the size of the team just a few years ago!

Here is my plan:

1. Arrive at Camp, and get the team ready for their first run of the day.  This is the tough one,  4 - timed miles!  Freshman will only do 2-3.  Eat lunch after the workout, followed by a swim, or some other fun.
2. Check - in (2:30) and get settled into the Cabins.
3.  Fun time at Camp (while events are available to the team)
4. Dinner

5.  Early evening, Introduce the team to Camp,  go over team rules, expectations,
a.  Handout questionnaires and get them all filled out.
b.  Reveal the "Buddy" list.  Each upperclassman will be a "Buddy" to one Freshman runner.  Throughout the season, they will make a special effort to be a friend to this new runner, and look out for them, encourage them, show them the "ropes", and help them, not only at practice, and races, but at school as well.
c. Collect the questionnaires,  split them into Mentor groups with Shelley and Trini.  Each of us will review the questionnaires.

6. Tuesday morning or night
a. Talk # 1.  Women of Strength and Character
b. Have the team fill out the "Goals" sheets.  Collect them and turn them over to each coach.
c. Discuss and promote the use of the 48 hr rule.
d. Short group discussion from the questionnaires or goals sheets

7. Wednesday morning or night
a.  Talk # 2. Virtues - Charity, Humility, and Courage
b. Read and discuss the Kolbe story…
c. Discuss as a group
8. Thursday morning or night
a. Talk # 3.  Making  a Commitment
b. Discuss Mentoring
c. Reveal and Discuss the mentor groups
c. Commit to Sports Leader
- I will Sign a poster board
- assistants will sign it,
- Seniors, followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshman.