A Fitting Tribute

Yesterday was an anniversary that was both painful and powerful. I'm sure many of you saw the tributes on TV offered by the NFL, all very well done.

One SportsLeader team, Cincinnati St Gertrude, had one as well. The below was read before their game.

Yet another way to relate virtue with everything important in our lives. I wish I had this growing up with my coaches.
At 8:45am on Tuesday Sept. 11, 2001 our world changed. All Americans stood in shock at the tragedy we were witnessing. At 9:03am, we were angered at the dark realization that we were under attack. Suddenly we were overwhelmed with mixed emotions. We felt sorrow for the families that just lost loved ones. We felt anger at the cowardly terrorists who had attacked us. We felt confused by the evil and hatred directed at us. We felt fear of what might happen next and where it might happen.

Then we felt pride, pride in America. We mourned the loss of 2,819 innocent lives, 23 New York Police Officers and 343 New York Firefighters. We also witnessed first hand the virtues that make Americans great. We heard stories of every day Americans displaying Charity, Humility and unbreakable Courage.

We felt pride as we heard of those that in this tragedy put the life's of their coworker before their own. 80 people that were at work between the 88th and 92nd floor of the first tower survived the attacks because of the Selfless Charity 2 Port Authority employees had for others. These 2 men gave their lives so 80 others may live. They are just one of many examples of heroic actions that day.

We felt pride as we watched the police officers and firefighters of New York City run to ground zero as thousands were running away. These men and woman displayed Humility as they felt they were just doing their job. Those brave men and women did not think they were special, it was their duty to serve those in danger. They ran in without hesitation.

We feel pride on this Patriots Day, 10 years later, knowing that there are men and women Courageously defending our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force,  Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard protecting us from the evil of that day, affording us the freedoms we enjoy every day. These brave sailors and soldiers choose to serve in our armed forces, many because of what they witnessed on 9/11/2001.

We remember all of those devastating horrible things but we are encouraged by the brave acts of Charity, Humility and Courage of Americans that day. They exemplify why America is the Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave! God Bless America and God Bless those that protect her.  

One of our speakers from our last coaches clinic was David Craig Penner. He is now a redshirt freshman football player at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. For one of their games they honored their troops with special jerseys. 

Virtue is something to celebrate and we should do all we can to do it!
(Steve Hiscock for Liam Ricahrds Photography)