An Experience They Will Never Forget

Here is another testimony about the power of Father-Son jersey night.

Please encourage the other head coaches of different sports in your school to begin this tradition. 

Remember to L.E.A.D
Love Others
Encourage Others
Actively Resolve
Deny Yourself

Held the first Xenia Jersey night ceremony following our normal Thursday evening meal.  We have 20 seniors who were presented their Jerseys by their significant males in their lives.  Most were Dads and step Dads.  We had to read a letter from one dad who was starting a new job and couldn't attend.  I presented one jersey to a young man whose dad returns from work by plane each Friday.  This was without question one of the most awesome experiences I have had in coaching. 

I have been fortunate enough to coach an undefeated season,  three trips to the playoffs, a regional championship game, and a Big 33 All-star game.  I can't remember an evening where I went home more proud of what I do that I did tonight.  I think that we have created a tradition in Xenia that is powerful.  I don't think that there was a young player in attendance who wasn't thinking that their night would come and that they would get to hear from their dad that he loved them and appreciated them. 

Thank you.  You continued to challenge me to do this,  it was outside my comfort zone,  but it was powerful beyond my imagination. Kudos to you and to Sports Leader.  You should be so proud to be doing what you are doing at this time in our land.  I am so appreciative of your efforts and persistence with me and our program.  I know that our seniors and their significant males have had an experience that won't go forgotten.

Bob DeLong
Head Football Coach Xenia High School
Xenia, Ohio