Creating a Family Atmosphere

The Flint (Michigan) Powers Catholic girls cross country team is one of the first cross country teams to embrace SportsLeader and they have done an amazing job. Some people have had the impression that SportsLeader is only for boys. Not so.

Here are some comments about father-daughter jersey night and team virtue camp.

I think Jersey night was a very big hit!  Huge compliments to Powers Catholic. Many others mentioned the family atmosphere, and the closeness and the feeling of home, etc.  There was a lot of confidence that Powers was a great choice, especially coming from Freshman parents!

Just a quick note to thank you and Dave W. for the jersey event this evening. As we discussed - the lessons our children learn from participating in sports will serve them well in all of the endeavors they choose to chase in life.

Coach Quinn,  
I didn't get a chance to tell you tonight at the jersey ceremony, but I wanted to tell you that the ceremony was very nice and I hope it continues as a Powers tradition. I have noticed Madison has taken a completely different approach compared to last year. She has much more confidence in herself and she is really looking forward to this season. Tonight was great. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again for devoting your time and experience.  
Good luck this season,

Here below is a photo of half the team. An interesting thing to note is that last year they had around 28 girls or so. This year they have 44 I believe and the girls have said that they feel closer, like a tighter-knit family, even though the team is bigger.

Here below are some comments about their team camp they had a few weeks ago.

Hey Coach Quinn!
I absolutely loved camp this year. I thought it was great that all the activities were right there and that we didn't have to drive anywhere. The activities were all fun, especially the zip line and giant swing, and playing volleyball and kayaking was great too. I thought having the creek to sit in was very convenient. I really liked the team meetings we had, even if they got a little long at times. It was an awesome way to get to know the other girls better, and it was nice getting to know the coaches better as well. I LOVE that we all have buddies. I think all the meetings have and will help us grow closer as a team, which is more important than ever because we have so many girls! Thanks for making camp so great!

Coach Quinn,
This is a great program.  Thank you for following through with the kids.  Morgan has really taken to heart her goals for enhancing her faith and praying more often. I just wanted you to know what you are sharing with them is not falling on deaf ears.    
Lisa,   Morgan's Mom