Does Turning Purple Help You Win?

I don't mean to pick on Coach Brian Kelly. I'm sure he is working on this challenge just like many of us have to.

The challenge: Controlling ourselves in the face of adversity.

If you saw any of the Notre Dame-South Florida game a few weeks ago, you may have been just as frustrated. The photo comes after the Irish committed approximately their 75th turnover in the red zone. It was a difficult moment to say the least whether you were routing for ND or not.

But, we CAN objectively state that turning purple did not help Notre Dame win. They went on to lose this game 23-20.

Now, can we say turning purple helps you lose? Maybe.

If you have chewed your players out to such a degree, as the game progresses their mental state might be:

9 gallons of worrying about making a mistake and causing my coach to threaten my life's existence
1 teaspoon of focusing on making a play by doing my job to help the team

A good recipe this does not make.

In the movie Gridiron Gang, the head football coach loses it in similar fashion, cussing out a player who draws a 15 yard penalty ... As he is screaming at him he says, "You have to have discipline and self control." The player looks back at him and says, "Tell me about it, Coach."

At this point in the movie, the coach begins to make a change in his life. Let's do the same.