Fathers Affirming Their Daughters

Two teams had their Father-Daughter jersey nights recently and both were awesome events: Flint Powers Catholic HS cross country and Cincinnati St Bernard 7th & 8th grade volleyball.

I was honored to be able to attend the St Bernard one. After all the Dads had affirmed their daughters I said a few words and saw that there were a few roses left over so I invited the girls to come up and say something positive about their coaches. Two girls took me up on the offer and that was probably the most moving part of the evening.

Simply put - both girls made their coach feel very loved. Very well done!

Here below is a note from Coach Dave Quinn of Powers Catholic. Oh - and the day after - They won the Big Nine Championship with 23 pts, second place had 50! Their top five girls placed 2,3,4,5 and 9. 

Last night we had our first "Letters to Mom" event for both the Powers Catholic Cross Country teams.  After a short practice and team dinner, the boys and girls teams separated into different rooms at the Activity Center at St Johns, Fenton, where we held the event.

After a brief introduction,  I called the girls up, one by one, with their moms to the front of the room, where each girl either read, or spoke words of honor, love, and appreciation for their moms.  Some told stories that made us all laugh.  Others spoke of difficulties in the past and promises to do better.  Each girl came prepared and I was very impressed by the level of maturity displayed, and insight that their words conveyed.  At times, I found it difficult to announce the next name, still moved by the last speakers words.  It was truly a remarkable and blessed evening.  I am so glad Sports Leader has this event, especially for the girls.

God Bless!