Getting Stopped at the Supermarket

Here is some very encouraging feedback from Mrs. JoAnn D'Anton, the media arts and MDTV director at Monsignor Donovan High School in Toms River NJ.
Lou, I needed to inform you about the happening around Monsignor Donovan High School this weekend.  Well let me begin with we won our game.........the last few seconds of the game when our field goal kicker kicked for three points on the was a nail biter...and he won the game for us.....but that is NOT what impressed me.  

I don't care about the W's or the L's (well maybe I do a little) but what truly needs merit here is that like any other High School football game, the press is always there to interview the guys as they come off the field.  I was never so impressed with our boys response to the reporter.  The article spoke of the win but each boys response to the reporter was astounding.  They humbly spoke of their teammates and each one shared that it was a team effort. 

None of them spoke about themselves and THIS I FEEL is a true testimony of the work Coach Duddy is doing with his team here at Monsignor Donovan High School.  When I read the article I was proud to be part of the Monsignor Donovan Community.  

BUT ........when I went into the local Shop Rite and I had my id on, an older woman stopped me and said, "Hey, your from Monsignor Donovan?"  I replied, YES (proudly) then  she continued with, "I may be old, but I have been following football in Toms River for years and I have NEVER seen young men speak about their teammates the way those boys did. You should be very proud of them."

As I walked away, I said to myself...BRAVO Sports Virtue Program!

Thanks Dan.  Keep up the good work.