Let's Be Courageous

Remember that challenge to go and see the movie Courageous with your players and their Dads?

Some teams have stepped up to the challenge, namely Providence Catholic near Chicago, Cincinnati St Gertrude and Eminence in Kentucky.

Providence is in the lead at the moment having brought 100 players and 25 Dads, no photo but a coach did write this encouraging note here below.

I'd like to challenge you all again. Strive to do this - THIS WEEKEND. Our men need it!

Virtue = Strength, Lou
To all Coaches,

I highly encourage all men, young and not so young, to view the movie “Courageous”, Especially those guys who are fathers, coaches, and mentors of young people.  It is the essence of what a guy goes through when confronted with the difficulties and responsibilities of adult decision making. The Movie presents a challenge to men of all ages to do the right thing in our relationship with family, other people, and faith in God.


John Pergi,

A Football Coach
A Father
A Grandfather