Mid-Season Feedback from Parents

Something that you might find helpful is asking the parents of your players to send an email with the changes they have observed in their son or daughter since the beginning of the season.

Coach Paul Passafiume, Co-Founder of SportsLeader, of Louisville St Agnes did this yesterday and he got some pretty quick replies.

In Louisville, there is a web site, CatholicSportsNet.com, that features a different young person as their Rising Star of the Week. This week one of Paul's players is featured.


Monday, September 31, 2011
Joseph Fisher
Grade: 8th
School/parish attending: St Agnes
Sports currently playing: Football, Basketball
High school attending (or considering): St. Xavier
Best school subject: Math and Science
Why is Joseph a Rising Star?
Joseph Fisher loves the game of Football. He loves working as a team to achieve a common goal. He credits the Sports Leader Program as a big part of the success of his team. His team won the Toy Bowl in 2009 and 2010. At St. Agnes, he is consistently a 4.0 student, is a member of the Student Council, and the Kentucky Youth Assembly. Joseph is a volunteer at the Nazareth Home and created a group known as "Fifth Down Equipment Locker" where he collects used football equipment and donates to underprivileged football teams. He looks forward to attending St. X and playing for the Tigers.

Hi Coach
Thanks for all you do.

Since being on your team and participating in the Sports Leader program, I have noticed significant changes in Albert.  He has been able to persevere and overcome obstacles such as shyness, fear, and a slight lack of self-esteem.  He has really developed character, self-esteem and pride and is growing into a considerate, mentally and physically fit young man. He is learning to achieve personal and team goals and finding satisfaction in meeting those goals. He is putting his heart, mind and soul into everyday conversations, thoughts and activities both on and off the field, at home and school, in football practice and Boy Scout meetings and activities.

Thanks so much for your part in the Sports Leader program and for developing a great team of great young men!

Go Saints!

Jill Marie Lynch

1.       As my dad’s health deteriorated in August, Daniel saw how it was impacting me and I woke up one morning on a weekday after school had started and found scrambled eggs, orange juice, and toast waiting for me at 6am.   Daniel set his alarm for 5am and made me breakfast.    This was a direct result of virtue talk that coach Passifiume had with his team.   Needless to say, he didn’t think it was a very big deal but it was very special to me.
2.       I’ve also noticed for the first time, Daniel’s leadership on the field.   He may not be the biggest, strongest, or fastest, but he’s become a vocal leader on the field and he stays after practice consistently to improve himself.   The 7th graders see him putting in extra time which will lead them to do the same thing their 8th grade year.
3.       Daniel now recognizes how important it is to take responsibility for his own actions and I’ve seen a much greater ownership for his school performance.   In the past, he used excuses for not performing up to his ability,   Now, he takes responsibility for his performance and he’s working very hard to do the best he possibly can in school.   I’m convinced of that.
4.       Some of the smaller items we see that are very noticeable:   He sometimes helps his mother around the house without asking.   Sometimes, I come home from work and the grass is cut.   He always keeps his room spotless.   He enjoys spending time with his grandparents and talking to  them  (he recognizes it  may not be exciting to him but it means the world to them).   He is affectionate towards his grandparents and parents.  And my  personal favorite… he looks me in the eye and shakes my hand with a firm grip.
5.       If we could just work on that sibling rivalry thing, we would have it all figured out.

Thanks Paul for all you do.