Relentless: Player Testimony on Virtue

Helping kids know, value, live and transmit virtue using the platform of sports. This is is what SportsLeader is all about.

Thank you, Coach Mike Bickerman, for sharing.

Stoney Haines
Rushville-Industry High School, IL
October 6, 2011

In our football season this year we have been participating in the SportsLeader program. 

It gives us a virtue each week to look at and think about through the week. Our coaches all participate and become â€œmentors” to us. They talk to us about the virtue for the week and help us achieve our goals for the week. 

Last week we had the virtue relentless. This is a virtue that is well known to our football program at Rushville-Industry. To be relentless is to continue to strive for our goals that we make for ourselves in everyday life and to continue to strive even when the going gets tough. 

Our mentors teach us to do this and strive for our goals even when the going gets tough. For almost twenty years we made it to the playoffs. Then for the previous two years we went 0-9 in our season. 

Coach Bickerman came to our school to coach the year before these seasons. Being new then having two bad seasons didn’t look well to many of the locals. Seeing him push on through all of this and watching him keep going even when the going got rough really showed me the true meaning of relentless. 

As of now we have won 2 games in this years season and plan to get 3 more in the last 3 games. Me seeing coach push through all of that and then seeing what our team has become out of what little we had this is what relentless is. 

Relentless is going out every day of the summer to work out. It is going to two-a-days and proving yourself to everyone that you want a season that people remember. 

Relentless is going out that first game with a town against you but you give it your all. It is losing that game but coming back out to the practice field Monday and that Friday, you get the win. That is what I have gotten out of the word relentless from this program.