St Gertrude Letter to Mom Ceremony

Yesterday I had the honor of witnessing the Cincinnati St Gertrude Bandit Football Team Letter to Mom Ceremony. The Bandits are boys in grades K-2. They have 18 little guys on the team and their coaching staff is one that simply put, you would want your boy on that team.

Everyone gathered at Coach Rob Gruber's home for a grill-out and some fun and when all the kids had eaten we had the ceremony.

The Letter to Mom tradition is an effort to help teach the players to appreciate their Moms, show some gratitude and tell them they love them. 

Many guys this little don't have a whole lot to say but I can assure you the Moms did appreciate it.

The coaching staff also took an extra step. They filmed each boy one day at practice giving a short message to his Mom and they recorded it to a DVD so each Mom could have that as well.

On some teams, the parents hardly ever speak to one another ... they don't know one another and it stays that way. Not on this team. Everyone is friends by now. What a great fruit of charity!

I heard one Mom say to a Coach, "I love this team, I love you, the Coaches, and I'm so excited that my son will get to participate in this for 8 more years in no matter what sport he plays."