Untold Impact

I got some interesting surprises on my trip to Canada last week. 

1. All of my flights, 2 there and 2 back, arrived early. I'm wondering if I should report this as a miracle or something (smile)

2. On one flight, the lady sitting next to me asked me if I was a student. I thanked her for the compliment. I withheld from telling her I'm married with 5 kids because I thought that might induce a coma-like shock or something ...

3. I was hosted by a very generous family in Canada, The Penners. I got their son David's bottom bunk. David is off at college playing football in Saskatoon. When I went to bed I looked up and taped to the bottom of the top bunk were 2 pieces of paper. See photo.

The We-Will looks exactly like a poster that SportsLeader coach Dan Duddy made with one of his teams years ago. David must have heard Dan talk about it and saw the photo at the coaches clinic ... and it inspired him.

You never know where your impact will land ... Coach in NJ ... young man in Saskatchewan ...

This is one of the things I most enjoy about SportsLeader - helping coaches share their mission and vision with others to increase their impact.