Gratitude Makes for Happier Kids


Happy Thanksgiving!
I am personally very thankful for each and every one of you and grateful for all you do to help young people grow in virtue.
As parents we all want our children to SHH. Not necessarily be quiet all the time (smile) but yes to to be:
Now there is even a university study that relates happiness and gratitude ...
Piper Weiss reports:
"We know that grateful kids are happier [and] more satisfied with their lives," explains Hoftra University psychology assistant professor Jeffrey Froh in an article this week in The Washington Post. "They report better relationships with friends and family, higher GPAs, less materialism, less envy and less depression, along with a desire to connect to their community and to want to give back."
That's not all. It's also believed to boost immune systems and lower blood pressure over time. In a Temple Univeristy study, patients with hypertension lowered their blood pressure just by calling a "gratitude" hotline everyday. If it's that effective on adults with health problems, imagine what announcing the good things in life at early age can do. 
So virtue does bring more happiness.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.